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Strengthen Your Nonprofit by joining our team

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Hope  [TYTH] collaborates with a network of local nonprofits and businesses. By working together, we are able to make a strong difference collectively. This allows us all to grow and prosper! Find out how we can work together to spread the word and build your organization. Learn More!

Become a Business Sponsor

We offer many programs to help enhance and encourage our youth. Your business is crucial to their growth. As a business sponsor, you can spearhead ​a program with your name attached, which will increase visibility of your brand. Sponsorships also provide your business with a weekly platform to TYTH participants and their parents during our programming. Make a difference and grow all at the same time! Learn more!


Make a difference today. Become a mentor or coach and share your skills with our youth.  TYTH mentors and coaches receive discounted pricing on programs for their children, as well as discounted pricing and free membership to DanieBjones Events and the online Black Business Marketplace. High school and College students needing community service or internship hours are welcome!

Learn More!

Become a Mentor or Coach
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