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Supporting Families in our Community

We aid families in finding resources to support their individual needs. Our goal to encourage cohesive family living and assist families in providing healthy living environment for children and teens and families.

Programs Include:


Early Family Fundamentals (for 1st time parents) 

Early Family Fundamentals provides 1st time parents with life long skills to help them develop great parenting skills and build healthy bonds with their children.


Family Resources Center 

Our Family Resource Center is your one stop source for all of your family needs. A Resource Specialist will be happy to sit and talk with you to explore all your options, opportunities and available resources. Whatever the need may be, our specialist will be sure to connect you to the appropriate resource.

Co Parenting Classes 

Despite the struggles, we believe that you as parents can pave the way for healthy growth and adjustment for yourselves and your children. The information in our seminar, coupled with understanding, love, and care, can have a positive impact on your relationship with your child and your child’s other parent.


Topics to be covered in our workshop include:

  • Experiences of adult and children after separation, divorce, or custody issues

  • Ways to explain separation or divorce to children

  • Expected changes in parent-child relationships

  • How to make healthy decisions based on children’s needs

  • How to build a constructive co-parenting relationship

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