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Literacy & Leadership

Reading is fundamental. The Literacy to Leadership program led by “The Better Place” helps children understand the importance of reading and developing literacy skills. We work with children to bring literacy to life. We assess the needs of each child to help strengthen their skills and create strong knowledgeable leaders for tomorrow.

Science & Tech Quest

If your child loves science and technology this program helps develop that interest. Exploring the world of technology and science on a level that it makes it but also education is what this program has mastered. Backed by the STEM program this is a great opportunity to prepare our young engineers and scientist for a bright tomorrow.

Young Business Builders

This initiative teaches our youth the basics of business building. Open to children as young as 4 years old, participants will explore the importance and endless possibilities attached to entrepreneurship and economic strength.

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Summer Opportunities

Our summer program is a full day camp program for students of all ages. We focus on academics, sports, leadership, technology and more.  High school students are provided with opportunities and or community service hours.  We even place eligible student with offsite jobs and provide transportation to and from their worksites.   

College Prep Programs

Our college prep groups help prepare high school students for the ACT and SAT.  With practice test and peer tutoring groups as part of the program, this intimate groups allows student see their strengths and areas that need focus, before the day.

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